Thursday, 18 December 2014

I am elated at the recent completion of my other projects.  Cauldron Cards is now published, and I must say, is an extremely fun game to play! (Also a great Christmas present!) You can check it out through, or shoot me an email and I have a few for sale.

I am honored, and love working for other authors in many respects, as editor, illustrator, and cover designers.  The only drawback that I have found recently, and only because my other projects are coming to a head, is that I have come to the realization that I tend to put my own projects on the back burner in order to complete my "real work" for others.  I think that this is a necessity, and if I were a client of mine, I would expect nothing less.  I aim to please.  But, it has been nice to finally get back to some of my own projects, and be able to work on them without feeling guilty that I'm not working on someone else's.  I think I'm going to give myself a whole week to concentrate on just that, and give myself some "me time".  I feel that it's healthy, and necessary at some point, like being able to just blow off some steam.  One of my projects, the Bonesie's Blog (, has been something that I am sticking to, and I have been diligently writing for every day or every other day when life is really busy.  I have been lax in that this week with Hanukkah, my school's concert, and my son's birthday all falling in the same week, however, this is not a project I intend to let fall by the wayside.  Please check it out, it's a little bit of awesome.  For now, I will leave you with a little brain teaser from my third book in the Binding of the Almatraek series, Enchanted Page, which should be out in January.  This is a riddle, and I'll post the answer in my next blog.
I move across the land,
But I don’t require air,
I dive through the water,
But I don’t get wet there.
Some say I’m part of a free flying fowl,
Though I never make a peep,
Nor hoot like an owl,”

Books are a great gift to give for the holidays, please check out my website; for books for kids, teens, and adults alike! Also, if you are looking to publish, go to, we might not have all the answers, but we do offer a lot of help!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dec. 9, 2014
This weekend, the author of my illustrated book Santa Almost Missed our Town, put together a reading/book signing book launch.  He and his wife, who worked closely with me on the project, invited me to be a part of it, for which I felt really touched and grateful.  There wasn't a real big turn out, but I was introduced to a beautiful location that always has things on the go.  It was held at the Bay Roberts Information Pavilion, and walking into the place, it was instantly comforting.  The whole place was decorated with Christmas paraphernalia, and though I'm Jewish, it was very cozy and inviting.  Talking to the lady afterwards, I learned that it takes approximately three weeks to decorate the two room establishment, and they redo the decoration for every holiday normally celebrated in Newfoundland.  I have found a new avenue to help promote my books, as she has invited me to come back during tourist season to do a book reading of one of my own books, which I am really looking forward to.  As an added plus, the lady who keeps the Bay Roberts website up and running, was there to take our picture and will be posting on the town's information page.  That's it for now, I have been working on another blog,, and it has become a new project that I am really enjoying.  I am writing religiously there, every day, or every other day on the outside.  Come, check it out!